Equestrian Skills Course

Bear Creek Regional Park

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Building a course for riders and their horses to practice trail skills so that they can enjoy our beautiful Colorado outdoors.


Bear Creek Regional Park, Colorado Springs

It was a great event on Saturday, April 30th ...
Sunny, Blue Skies, and relatively low winds ...
we couldn't have asked for a better day!  

One Hundred and Fifteen (115) Participants joined us!
Over $2000 was raised for the
building & maintenance of the skills course!    


FESC poker ride April 2022 girl on her horse.heic
FESC poker ride April 2022 group of pack burros.jpg
FESC poker ride April 2022 three ladies on horseback.jpg
FESC poker ride April 2022 walkers with grandson.jpg
FOTESC board members on horseback.jpg
FESC poker ride April 2021 burro runner.
FESC poker ride April 2022 mounted patrol withe FESC volunteers.jpg

Some Quick Information About The Course & Parking:


The course is open every day from dawn to dusk and is free to the public.


We do ask for donations though, as our friends group is fully tasked with fundraising, designing, building and maintaining the course with no monetary and little labor assistance from El Paso County Parks.  This is a unique course and the only one in the country, if not the world, where it’s completely free and open to the public. It also features easy, intermediate and difficult levels at each obstacle.  


Parking is along the north side of the RV parking lot near the dirt pile at Norris-Penrose Event Center (NPEC) as shown on the map on our Facebook page and website.  The event center is at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

Need More Info??   Reach out to us on our FB page or by email at friendsequestrianskillscourse@gmail.com