Equestrian Skills Course

Bear Creek Regional Park

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Building a course for riders

and their horses

to practice trail skills

so that they can enjoy

our beautiful Colorado outdoors.


June 2020

Spring has sprung, slowly restrictions are getting lifted, and we are ready to start some more building at the skills course.


Not only do we have to finish up the flats and get started on the switchbacks, but we have made a decision to make a repair we weren't planning on.

Our board has decided we need to fix the pond.  You can see in the pictures what the pond looked like when we started and what we renovated and created.  It has been the staple at the center of the course and enjoyed by a lot of horsepeople the last few years.

The pond was put in originally many many years ago when the land it is on was a cross country jumping course. But we are finding that there are small tears in the liner that are not allowing the water to stay in the pond after we fill it for the season.  The complete repair of the pond will be $3000.

Here's the details from our course designer, Mark Bibb: "We would excavate the entire pond including the liner and all materials. We would take it down about 12-18 inches. We would add a 4-6 inch layer of Bentonite to the bottom of the pond and all around the landings to create a seal layer. We would then add the excavated soil back on top of the Bentonite layer. This option is the most expensive ($3000) and takes the most equipment time. I would image at least a week of equipment time. If we did this we would no longer have a rubber liner to worry about getting damaged and horses in the pond would not be able to damage the Bentonite seal layer and the pond would be fixed for good. In this option we would not guess where the leaks are because we would be creating a new pond with a new seal layer."

So here is where you come in........this is an expense we were not anticipating this year.

Can you help us out with a small donation to fix the pond?

Any dollar amount, small or large, will make a difference to get this issue fixed once and for all. We look forward to getting this issue fixed by the end of July and if we can fill the pond in August, it will allow for at least 4 to 5 months of playtime in the water!

So....what'd ya say? Can you help by donating and sharing with all your trailriding and horse loving friends?


We thank you.