Who we are . . .


“Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course promotes the education of equestrians and other trail users by developing and maintaining a public equestrian skills course.”


We are a group of dedicated equestrians who are lending their talents to build an equestrian skills course at Bear Creek Regional Park (just off 8th street) in Colorado Springs. 

Several people had seen courses similar to the one proposed for Bear Creek Regional Park.  The idea is for riders and horses to learn to navigate obstacles found in wilderness trails in a controlled environment. The course will contain various obstacles for all ages and skill levels of horses and riders.

Because of the location it will provide interaction with other user groups on select perimeters, plus include a mainstream multi-user trail through the area.  Each obstacle will have a few different approaches and departures or variations to allow for horses and riders to increase their skills.  


The course currently has a completed "Pond" obstacle and is 95% complete on "The Steps" obstacle.  The Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course is also working hard on the building of "The Flats" obstacle which will include many bridge crossings, rock & log jumbles and a series of different types of gates to practice going through.   Weather permitting, we will continue to work on this area of the obstacle course through the fall and winter of 2019.  

The course is in the southeast corner of Bear Creek Regional Park.   It has been approved by the

El Paso County Parks Department as part of the park's master plan.

Drawings of planned obstacles and

map of the skills course. 

(Drawn and donated by Mark BIbb)