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News of 2016 & 2017

This past few years have been very busy ones for The Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course.  With the friends group becoming an official 501(c)3 non profit organization in Feb 2016, the group has been going strong to raise funds, rally volunteers, and start the building of the course.  We have heard great reviews from many horsemen who have visited the obstacles that are built and they are excited to see what is to come this coming year.   


The Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course hosted two concerts in the last two years to help raise funds for building obstacles.  Both concerts were held at a beautiful venue, the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Colorado Springs, CO.  

In July 2016, Juni Fischer entertained us with her folk style songs.  It was a great night with a special lady.  

                                                                                We sure appreciated her music and support. 




In July 2017, we enjoyed Sandy Wells and her sultry voice and southern rock.  Sandy and her band rocked it!  

                           It was another great night of music to benefit the skills course.   





Thank You Sandy!

Grand Opening - May 2017....

Wow!   What a great day and great turnout we had for our grand opening on Saturday, May 6th, 2017.   Over 200 people attended the event with about 60 people on horseback.  Joining us to "present the colors" was the Fort Carson Mounted Color Guard.   Thank you to everyone who came both on foot and on horseback to celebrate the opening of the skills course.  

Many of the horsemen spent the day schooling their horses and many people went on a tour of the acreage on where future obstacles will be built.  

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